More than 2 million square feet of Waterloo Barrier® sealed sheet piling has been installed at sites in Canada and the US. The versatility of the low permeability containment wall has led to a wide variety of field applications.


  • Deep, enclosing barriers at hazardous waste sites or municipal landfills to confine containment plumes and/or landfill gases
  • Shallow, enclosing barriers to contain petroleum products or other light contaminants which float on the water table
  • Enclosures to control future groundwater contamination at new industrial or waste disposal sites
  • Temporary barriers to facilitate removal or in-situ remediation of contaminants
  • Barriers along shorelines to prevent seepage of contaminated groundwater into waterways
  • Funnelling or directing contaminant plumes to enhance the efficiency of pump-and-treat and in-situ remediation techniques
  • Structural wall for excavation of contaminated soils
  • Pilot scale remediation testing in contaminated aquifers under confined conditions
  • Repair of leaking slurry walls


  • Groundwater control in construction projects involving excavating and tunnelling
  • Cofferdams
  • Leakage protection for underground structures in high water table conditions